How to Remember a Client's Name

September 13th, 2017

Quick: What is the name of the person who just walked out of your insurance agency? Will you remember to call them by that name when they walk in tomorrow or maybe next week?

Remembering a person’s name can be tough. It also can be embarrassing when you can’t recall a name. Yet when you do call a person by his or her first name, it shows respect and care. And it is important for your insurance agency to cultivate a reputation for caring.

Let’s look at some ways you can better remember a client’s name.

Say their name often in conversation. This includes repeating their name when they first introduce themselves, possibly using their name in a later sentence, and saying their name when you say goodbye. Of course, you don’t want to repeat the name so much that it is awkward or seems manipulative.

Create a mental association with the name and the person. It can be an image, description, hobby, or something you gathered from a conversation with them. Then use this association to quickly remember their name the next time you see them.

Connect their name with another person you know with the same name. You also can ask them to spell the name, write it down or even ask for a business card. This creates a visual picture as well for you to remember.

If you are on social media with the person, try to memorize their profile picture so you can associate that photo with their name. If, in spite of all your efforts, you forget a name, simply acknowledge it. Your genuine dismay will let the client know you care — even if names are not your long suit.