Team Building Activities for Your Agency

October 11th, 2017

Have you been wondering how to make your business team more cohesive? Or perhaps you’re hoping to turn that boring annual retreat or meeting into something a bit more exciting. Have you considered team building events? Here are a few ideas to help your team learn to depend on each other more:

-Help your employees socialize outside of business hours by planning a picnic, special events, local tours, or even a BBQ.
-Encourage employees to bring their families or closest friends, and schedule the event (or events) at times that families can attend.
-Identify a volunteer initiative or a charity where your employees can work together for something other than themselves or your business.
-Look for group-based training initiatives that help all your employees or specific departments learn new skills or refresh current skills.

To find what works best for your team, simply ask your employees for ideas. They probably have plenty of both serious and fun ideas they’re ready to try! A simple email asking for input or a suggestion box are ways you can start collecting these ideas.