Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

December 13th, 2017

Imagine you walk into work and meet the newest employee. Could she be young enough to be your daughter or granddaughter? Could he be old enough to be your father or grandfather?

How are you supposed to work together or even effectively manage someone who is from such a different generation?

Now more than ever, multiple generations are working together in business. Managing employees of a variety of ages can be a positive experience for your insurance agency. Here are some tips for encouraging employees from diverse generations to work together effectively:

Acknowledge there are sometimes tensions between generations. Often these tensions result from a lack of respect for each other. However, both sides need to be reminded they can indeed learn from each other and should listen to each other’s ideas. What one has in experience, perhaps, the other has in technological savvy. Do not tolerate snide remarks or lack of respect.

Know that different generations have more in common than they may realize. Clothing and technology usage may be different, but these employees are together for a reason and a common goal — to work for your insurance agency. This may mean you need to remind them of what unites them.

Lose the stereotypes. It is hard to move forward as a team if all your employees hear are the labels you assign to them. Each person may be from a specific generation, but that label doesn’t define him or her. Encourage your team to dig deeper to get to know each other. Employees may be surprised to learn they have a lot to share and learn from each other if they take the time to engage in conversation.