Non-Profits Need Insurance Coverage Too

January 11th, 2018

Do you provide insurance products to nonprofits? They need insurance just as businesses do, and in some cases, they have distinct coverage needs.

Let’s look at some ways they need coverage beyond general liability:
- Do they accept online donations? If so, they could open themselves up to potential cybercrimes.
- Do they have contracts with service providers or vendors? If so, they could be exposed to potential breach claims and lawsuits.
- Do their boards of directors or non-profit officers make decisions involving employment or contracts that could result in claims of negligence or mismanagement?
- Do they have employees who could claim wage and unfair work conditions?
- Do they make human resource decisions that could result in lawsuits related to terminations, discrimination, hiring or even promotions?
- Do they need coverage for volunteers?
- Do they participate in parades and activities within the community?

More than likely, specific non-profits came to mind as you were reading this list of questions. If you aren’t actively providing insurance in the non-profit niche, consider starting a conversation with one or two non-profits in your area. It’s not only a way to grow, it’s a way to become involved with those doing good in your community.