Your Email Address is a Reflection of You and Your Insurance Agency

February 14th, 2018

As small a thing as it may seem, your email address matters. The wording and phrasing you use for your professional email is a direct reflection of you and your insurance agency. The goal is to have a professional email address that builds trust and respect.

Your email address should include a variation of your name or initials. If you must use a different name, make sure it is professional. Now is not the time to be cute with nicknames, numbers or personal interests and hobbies.

Ideally, you will have your own domain that you can use. An email address through your internet service provider is tricky because future changes in your providers could mean you have to change your email address. That’s never a good thing for a professional, because it can leave clients unsure of how to contact you and it makes your promotional materials useless.

Also, don’t forget to review what appears as your email display name. This is the name that appears in someone’s email inbox when your email comes through. Typically, this is in the settings feature of your email inbox. Again, you want this to be correct and look professional.