The Benefits of Engaging with Municipal Government

September 12th, 2018

When was the last time you attended a municipal meeting? You may hesitate to add one more meeting to your evenings. However, you may be surprised at how engaging with the government decision makers can benefit you and your agency.

Elected officials discuss, debate and decide growth patterns and ordinances that will guide development, for one thing. As a business operator, you should be aware of what may be coming into your area that could positively or negatively affect your community and insurance agency.

Attending meetings also gives you access to planning personnel at the city or county. These staffers are great resources for learning about your community. You also may meet other business people by engaging in city or county government meetings.

Engaging with local government gives you an opportunity to be heard as you comment on how policies or practices will affect your insurance agency or clients. This helps you build more visibility in the community as well.

Not sure which meetings to attend? Think of the newspaper articles you read summarizing different meetings. Which ones interest you the most? Which ones discuss items of most concern for you? Start with those. You might just find yourself becoming more involved in your community.