Is Customer Service Alive and Well at Your Agency?

May 22nd, 2019

Good customer service sounds easy enough, right? Even the most dedicated and friendly CSR has had that one customer who could not be satisfied or made happy despite their best attempts at providing friendly and helpful service.

No matter how many satisfied customers you have, there is going to be a dissatisfied customer from time to time. A happy customer may not tell anyone about their good experience at your agency, but you can be sure everyone will hear from the dissatisfied customer. They’ll spread the word any way they’re able! That makes it especially important to make sure that each and every customer is ready to give a good review.

How do you even go about providing “good” customer service? There is a formula that has been found to be effective in overcoming customer complaints. Here are the four steps in short form:

Listen: Listen fully and attentively while the customer explains the problem.
Understand: Make sure you understand the problem. Repeat back to the customer what you understand the problem to be and gain agreement with your understanding of the situation.
Respond: What the customer most wants is a response from you. It may not be the response they were hoping for, but at least you are taking action–even if that action is letting the customer know you will have to research the problem and get back to them as soon as possible.
Confirm: Once you’ve attempted to resolve a customer complaint, follow-up and confirm with your customer that they are satisfied with your response. If you’re unable to provide exactly what the customer is asking for, try to provide an alternative solution that is mutually acceptable. Lastly, ask the customer is he has any further questions about your response.

We know you strive to provide the best customer service possible. After all, good customer service is a part of helping your agency grow! Assure Alliance is an SIAA affiliated insurance broker offering a wealth of membership benefits to qualifying agencies. Visit our website ( ) to find out how we can help you!